Leaps and Bounds 3-4

With Leaps and Bounds, mathematics intervention is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Leaps and Bounds Toward Math Understanding is a new series of intervention resources developed by Dr. Marian Small to help teachers support students who are struggling in mathematics.

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Easy-to-use student and teacher resources to support students working as many as three levels below grade

Diagnostic assessment for every topic to clearly pinpoint significant gaps in students’ understanding

Strategic tools for differentiating instruction that enable teachers to build on what students understand and close critical gaps in understanding

A research-based intervention approach that is founded on how students learn math developmentally, based on the research of Marian Small


Student Resource (CD)

Intervention activities for topics in every strand to support students who are working as many as three levels below grade

Built-in tips and visuals to support student understanding

Simple, clear language accessible to ELL learners

Digital Blackline Masters are modifiable and can be printed as necessary


Digital Teacher Resource with Interactive Whiteboard Activities (Online or DVD) Demo

Includes all of the teaching support and  Blackline Masters from the print Teacher’s Resource

Ready-to-use Interactive Whiteboard activities provide interactive, hands-on support for students struggling in mathematics

Diagnostic tools to precisely identify gaps in students’ understanding

Background information on why students might struggle and what misconceptions are revealed by the diagnostic tool


Two or three pathways provide open-ended intervention and more specific intervention for each student or group of students


Teaching notes to support differentiated instruction, including good questions


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