Nelson Mathematics 8


Nelson Mathematics 8 builds on students’ prior knowledge, providing real-world applications to help motivate and engage students. Purposeful visuals and a range of lesson types within each chapter benefit all learners and accommodate different teaching styles.


Key Features of Nelson Mathematics 8:

Mathematics 8

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Each chapter reviews prior knowledge and prerequisite skills.

Concept development is taught using language and concrete examples and experiences.

Learning is sequenced from chapter to chapter to build success and confidence.

A variety of contexts are used to reinforce new concepts and new mathematical terms over a period of time.

Clear lesson goals and assessment are provided.

Content is organized by strand.

Curriculum goals and a central problem task are noted in each lesson.


Student Text eVersion PDFs

A completely digital version of the print student book hosted on myNelson. Students can use it to access their Nelson Mathematics resources at home, school, or anywhere they have an internet connection.


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