Physics 11

Ontario SPH3U


Nelson Education’s Grade 11 science resources provide the depth and breadth of content that is specifically developed to prepare students for university.


Key Features:

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100% match for the Ontario SPH3U curriculum

Provide the depth and breadth of content to help prepare students for university

Student-directed activities and investigations provide hands-on opportunities to develop essential science skills

STSE connections provide a real-world context for learning

Rich multimedia content offers multiple entry points into science


Online Student Center  Demo

All-new sleek and engaging design, interactive, multimedia-rich resource including:

Physics 11U   Online Student Centre


Interactive Student eBook

 Multimedia content to support and extend each section of the Student Book

  • Simulations

  • Animations

  • Video

  • Online quizzes

  • Audio support (including narrated glossary terms)

  • Integrated weblinks


Online Teaching Center Demo

Provides access to all student and teacher material necessary to plan, teach, and assess a lesson.

Physics 11U   Online Teaching Centre

 Interactive Student eBook

 Rich multimedia content to support and extend Student Book content

  • Simulations

  • Animations

  • Video

  • Interactive teaching tools (modifiable SMART Notebook™ and Powerpoint lessons)

 Lesson plans, teaching notes, assessment tools, and Blackline Masters

  RSS feeds with up-to-the-minute science content


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