Principles of Mathematics 10

Ontario Academic Grade 10


Nelson Principles of Mathematics 10  ensures students build a solid foundation of learning so they are prepared for success in senior level courses. The program supports the diverse needs of students (through multiple entry points to help a varying range of learners), and offers extensive support for skill development.


Key Features of Principles of Mathematics 10:

Principles of Mathematics 10

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Multiple solved examples with student explanations model types of questions students will encounter

Extensive support for skill development in every chapter prepares students for success

Mathematical processes integrated in every chapter to help students develop critical skills throughout the year

Wide variety of questions gradually increasing in difficulty to offer multiple entry points for students at different ability levels; Frequently Asked Questions provide accessible review

Sample achievement category questions identified in every lesson

Appropriate use of technology to support student needs, including TI-83 Plus, TI-84 Plus, TI-89 (CAS), The Geometer’s Sketch

100% coverage of the Ontario curriculum for Grade 9 Academic, MPM 1D (revised 2005).


Student Text eVersion PDFs

A completely digital version of the print student book hosted on myNelson. Students can use it to access their Nelson Mathematics resources at home, school, or anywhere they have an internet connection.


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