Principles of Mathematics 11

Alberta 20-2 Mathematics


Principles of Mathematics 11  resources have been carefully developed to support the success of teachers and students across Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut with the new Alberta Mathematics 20-2 courses.


Designed to engage a wide range of students, with real-world contexts in every lesson, problem-solving puzzles, and interesting features such as “Math in Action” that encourage a hands-on, action-based approach to mathematics.


Includes easy-to-understand student explanations in every example to help students make important connections in their mathematical understanding.


Built-in support for the diverse needs of students, Nelson Principles of Mathematics 11  is carefully developed to help every student succeed.


Principles of Mathematics 11

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Interactive Student eBook  Demo

Video Tutorials – a video tutorial for every example in the student book, explaining the example step-by-step

Flash Animations – every chapter includes a Flash animation that demonstrates a key mathematical concept in action

Quizzes – students can quiz themselves online at the point of every mid-chapter review, end of chapter review, and cumulative review

Chapter Videos – a video introducing each chapter, providing a real-life context for the mathematics students are about to learn

Weblinks – links to websites directly connected to the math content are built in throughout the resource

Quicklinks – embedded links at point-of-use to help students quickly find answers and review material with only click


Interactive White Board Add-On 

For those with Interactive Whiteboards or using SMART(TM) software on regular computers, the IWB Add-On Pack provides:

45 interactive lessons in SMART Notebook(TM) format to support the 45 lessons in the Student Book

Explore the various interactive features of the Interactive WhiteBoard Add-On Pack by downloading the guide below. SMART Notebook™ required to use this file. Download


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