Science & Technology Perspectives 7

Ontario Grade 7

Connecting students to science, technology, society and the environment like never before!

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Key Features of Science and Technology Perspectives 7:

 Science and Technology Esource 7

Curriculum Integrity:
The best curriculum fit with a 100% match to the final April 2008 version of the revised Science and Technology curriculum

STSE Integration:
Students will make meaningful real-world connections as they look at and address current and relevant issues that impact their lives

Tried and Tested:
Completely new resources have been thoroughly reviewed by Ontario classroom teachers to ensure our practical activities and investigations are doable, relevant, and student-friendly

Ontario Authorship:
Developed by an outstanding team of Ontario-based educators who know and understand today’s classroom practice and have integrated the most current advancements in Science and Technology education


Student Text eVersion PDFs

Student Text eVersion PDFs provide students with a completely digital version of their print student book hosted on myNelson. Students can access their Science & Technology Perspectives  resource at home, school, or anywhere they have an internet connection. These are available in a package with the print Student Text or are available individually in digital-only format as one-year licenses.


Interactive Tookit DVD


Differentiate your classroom instruction with technology solutions built specifically to support Nelson Science & Technology Perspectives 7.  This unique teacher-directed DVD contains a wealth of interactive multimedia tools designed to assist educators in creating a dynamic and engaging classroom environment. Its flexibility also provides teachers with the ability to customize learning to meet student’s individual needs.

Included in the Interactive Toolkit DVD:

  • 2 DVD-ROM discs

  • SMART Board™ Interactive Whiteboards for Dummies® manual brought to you by SMART® Technologies

  • Interactive Toolkit Teacher’s Resource that includes a how-to guide with teaching notes, strategies and information on how to create collaborative cyber projects such as: blogs, wikis, and podcasts

  • Hard shell carrying case



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